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Zachary Gibson, a young magician with excellent skills, has been performing at venues throughout his country for many years. His stage magic has left audiences amazed, and has driven home his reputation as a performer of exceptional merit. He has built a unique approach to magic and hypnosis that is exciting for kids of all ages to enjoy. Gibson can be found performing in all sorts of venues, from cruise ships to college campuses to corporate events. Visit our contact page to learn when the next show will be located near Madison County - Arkansas or contact us directly to inquire about our latest scheduling!


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The best time to schedule us for your event was yesterday, the next best time is today! You’re in luck because we are currently servicing the Madison County – Arkansas area! Visit our contact page for all the booking details!

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You’re in luck! All you need to bring is yourself (clothed is recommended), your willingness to participate and an open mind to new experiences!

Find yourself a qualified hypnotist. Zachary Gibson has been perfecting his craft for over 15 years, performed in schools, events, and even cruises!

Hypnosis isn't the only form of entertainment we offer! Complete your night with some breathtaking magic tricks!

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Zachary Gibson has performed in various locations such as Missouri State University, University of Arkansas, Michael Finney’s Dry Heat Classic and even cruises!

Magician and Hypnotist

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Many wonder about the feeling of deep relaxation and altered mental state an individual feels during hypnosis. If like many, you are in Madison County – Arkansas loosen up, schedule a booking, and enter into complete relaxation while your body is guided by emotional inventions. 

Trust in the hypnotist’s words, become focused on the instructions reception, and appreciate the lasting experience that will seem similar to a dream. Those who have experienced hypnosis describe it as a genuine out-of-body experience. Finding a hypnotist who’s able enough to have an authentic hypnosis session may be challenging. How about a person that’s been in the field of hypnosis for decades? Zachary Gibson has gone to great lengths to make his services authentic and high-quality, so you can truly be assured. Having a more than capable hypnotist like Zachary in Madison County – Arkansas is sure to have the distinct and peaceful feeling others note during their customary hypnosis session. The feeling described by patients who have attended hypnosis sessions is frequently likened to being in a trance or being soothed by sleep. An experienced hypnotist will enable you to feel more attentive to their phrases, and more open to suggestions. Other guests claim trance or a state of well-being while under hypnosis. Overall, hypnosis is often an enjoyable experience that’s just a telephone call away if you reside in Madison County – Arkansas.

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful means to reach out to a large variety of purposes, including therapeutic processes and results. Generally speaking, the prime advantage of hypnosis is its capability to affect cognitive and physiological functioning. The effects of hypnotic states include changes in attention, emotion regulation, and conscious processing of data. 

Those effects in neurological processing can also have an impact on psychological health, specifically by reducing anxiety, fighting depression, and alleviating physical pain. Researchers have studied the recovery power of professional hypnotherapists. They’re also capable of enabling you to stop bad habits like smoking and overacting. Attaining these far-reaching changes in yourself is worthwhile, and we’re currently taking booking in Madison County – Arkansas.

It's SAFE!

Hypnosis safety: how safe?

  • Many experts consider hypnosis a safe and effective method for working with individual goals. There are practical purposes that consulting with a hypnotist can help to achieve. There’s a stage factor in the performing arts industry. You may want to produce adventures to intrigue the audience. 

However, if you’re a professional in hypnosis, you could help your audience members enter an altered state of consciousness to achieve access to the subconscious mind. When in this state, it will be much easier for them to relinquish bad habits and make innovative and optimal choices in life. It is imperative to be mindful of the shortcomings of possible specialists prior to starting any sort of session. Zachary Gibson has been working with clients as a member of his industry for more than 15 years, and is ready to assist those in the Madison County – Arkansas region.

There are different end goals for stage hypnosis sessions compared to hypnotherapy. In stage hypnosis, the audience’s frame of mind is kept as entertaining as possible, whereas the objective of a hypnotherapy session is to address whatever the customer is concerned about and to assist their healing process. 

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What goes into a hypnosis session?

If you are looking for an experienced hypnotist in Madison County – Arkansas, you have come to the right place. A hypnosis session typically entails encouraging somebody to enter a relaxed state for the purpose of reaching the unconscious mind. This is usually done through repeating positive affirmations, terms, or gentle instructions for their ability to observe the subconscious mind. This has the effect of allowing people to more readily analyze the core issues they have been facing, attitudes, and tendencies.

What is hypnosis? The answers you’ve been looking for.

When a person’s psyche is affected during hypnosis, they become less resistant to controlled suggestions, often perceiving the world in a more positive manner. Hypnosis is a brain state marked by indwelled suggestibility along with profound relaxation. 

Hypnosis Magic and Hypnotist Ottawa - Missouri

Dissociation is characterized by elevated suggestibility and ideomotor responses. Zachary Gibson, a qualified magician and hypnotist, will guide his subject through an experience that will trigger direct visualizations and direct emotional shifts that can be used for entertainment and therapeutic purposes. If this is something you’d be willing to experience, get in touch with us through our contact page for Madison County – Arkansas! Under hypnosis, a person experiencing hypnosis most often will describe a trance-like state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to directive suggestions, which your hypnosis expert Zachary Gibson will use through verbal and nonverbal cues to induce relaxation and a focused state of attention.

It's SAFE!

What happens during a hypnosis session?

A hypnosis session is a guided visit that encourages you to allow yourself to become calm and enter a relaxed state. During your hypnosis session, a hypnotist will use verbal cues and suggestions to help you become conscious of the subconscious. At the point when you are consciously inside your subconscious mind, the hypnotist will encourage certain ideas, tasks and habits to you. 

  • Using these procedures in hypnosis can help you be aware of the associated thoughts of your mind, emotions, and behavior patterns, as well as alter the way you feel and think. This can work to aid you in accepting new suggestions and orders. If you are located in the Madison County – Arkansas, Zachary Gibson is the one-stop destination for you to tour the intriguing phenomenon of hypnosis. Moreover, once a low profile of tranquility is reached during hypnosis, the hypnotist will begin providing behavioral guidelines for the participant that can help to direct their focus to the interior location. Hypnotists can recommend suggestions and affirmations that can allow you to access yourself in greater depth.
  • During a hypnosis session, it’s important to remain open and receptive to the hypnotist’s guidance. In some cases, a person may experience vibrant or surreal imagery or sensations during the session that can be quite powerful and emotional. It’s important to manage your breathing and body awareness while you’re under hypnosis to remain in the relaxed state for a longer period of time. If you’re currently living in Madison County – Arkansas, you’re in luck, since your area is within our service area!
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