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Gifted illusionist and charismatic hypnotist Zachary Gibson has been entertaining audiences from a young age. He gained a well-deserved reputation for his amazing stage shows that he continued to do throughout various venues. Many of his venues over the years included cruise ships, college campuses, and corporate events. All will be treated to a show that the entire family will enjoy. Visit our contact page to find out more about our upcoming events in Cherokee County - Oklahoma and how you can benefit from his amazing performances!


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The best time to schedule us for your event was yesterday, the next best time is today! You’re in luck because we are currently servicing the Cherokee County – Oklahoma area! Visit our contact page for all the booking details!

No place is too far, however, the locations we are able to get to on a same day notice can be found in our Service Areas page, one of those including Cherokee County – Oklahoma

You’re in luck! All you need to bring is yourself (clothed is recommended), your willingness to participate and an open mind to new experiences!

Find yourself a qualified hypnotist. Zachary Gibson has been perfecting his craft for over 15 years, performed in schools, events, and even cruises!

Hypnosis isn't the only form of entertainment we offer! Complete your night with some breathtaking magic tricks!

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Zachary Gibson has performed in various locations such as Missouri State University, University of Arkansas, Michael Finney’s Dry Heat Classic and even cruises!

Magician and Hypnotist

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

People often wonder as to the experience people sense upon being hypnotized. If you are in Cherokee County – Oklahoma, this is your chance to experience the phenomenon on your own body. This is your chance to experience the hypnotic effect firsthand on the body and mind in Cherokee County – Oklahoma

Zachary Gibson, your hypnotist, can transport you to another place, or perhaps make you feel as if you were detached from your body. Relax your beliefs and let go of your opinions about hypnosis from your hypnotic state, then get ready for your hypnosis and transport to your destination. It may be hard to find a hypnotist who provides genuine hypnosis services in the Cherokee County – Oklahoma area. An individual who has been practicing the skill since childhood, like Zachary Gibson, is a great option. Using Zachary from Cherokee County – Oklahoma, you can participate in a transformative experience many people with hypnosis mention. The distinct sensations experienced during trance differ from person to person, but in general, most people describe hypnosis as similar to daydreaming or being in a trance-like state. A seasoned hypnotist will make you feel more engrossed in what other people are saying, and will make it easier for you to take in suggestions. Some hypnotists have further commented on the positive effect of hypnosis during their stays in Cherokee County – Oklahoma

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

Hypnosis enables access to a substantial variety of functions, including entertainment and therapeutic procedures with results. As it happens, the general rule for hypnosis is its effective ability to influence cognitive and physiological function. The impacts of hypnotic states embody changes in attention, emotion control, and processing of information. 

  • Neurological processes can also play a role in psychological well-being, such as the alleviation of anxiety, combating depression, and easing pain. Researchers have studied the recovery capacity of professional hypnotists. They are also capable of assisting you to quit bad habits like smoking and overacting. We believe that altering desirable characteristics in your head will prove to be worthwhile. We are currently servicing Cherokee County – Oklahoma and an come provide you counsel for your event. Some significant factors associated with deciding to change in mind include that it is not toxic and does not affect everyone the same. Indulging yourself regularly in hypnotherapy can help you sleep more soundly at night. Please do not hesitate to look at our contact page to learn about our appointments in Cherokee County – Oklahoma.
It's SAFE!

Hypnosis safety: how safe?

  • Hypnosis is primarily thought to be safe and effective when performed by a skilled hypnotherapist like Zachary Gibson in Cherokee County – Oklahoma. There are several goals you can settle on during a hypnosis session. There are several things to take into account when performing on stage as well. Maybe the purpose is to entertain the audience with amusing acts. 
  • However, someone with knowledge of hypnosis can help the subject to enter a meditative state to access the subconscious mind, which can lead to useful changes in behavior or attitude. Overall, hypnosis can be useful for entertainment purposes or a healthful sense of well-being when used correctly and safely. Hypnosis, when applied properly, can alleviate discomfort and anxiety resulting from medical procedures. Zachary Gibson is experienced in fields such as these and is available to assist people in the Cherokee County – Oklahoma area. Appropriately applied, hypnosis has been demonstrated to be useful for enhancing entertainment and wellbeing, along with treating physical and mental discomfort. Hypnosis, when done correctly, can be helpful for alleviating anxiety resulting from medical procedures. Zachary Gibson is highly knowledgeable in this area and is available to help those in the Cherokee County – Oklahoma area.

The goals of a hypnosis session will vary widely based on the condition. Stage hypnosis focuses on fun, while hypnotherapy uses a different approach and aims to provide healing. Check out our contact page to find bookings details in Cherokee County – Oklahoma. A hypnosis session frequently involves inducing someone into a trance-like state of consciousness. 

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What goes into a hypnosis session?

  • This is done through the use of auditory or verbal repetition, such as repeated affirmations or suggestions, to help facilitate a receptive state for participants. That facilitates individuals’ capacity for exploration of thought and behavior patterns of behavioral issues, which may have been previously blocked.

What is hypnosis? We’ve got the answers.

  • Altered dissociation state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility can be achieved through an induction process using relaxation and concentrated attention. It is an altered state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility and ideomotor responses. In this altered state of mind, our skillful hypnotist Zachary Gibson will guide the person through a vivid and visceral adventure that may be used for entertainment or therapeutic purposes, such as habit reversal, or recreational purposes. 
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  • Contact us to schedule your event in Cherokee County – Oklahoma today! Hypnosis has been known to increase an individual’s suggestibility, which is oftentimes improved by eliminating verbal and nonverbal cues. Hypnosis has long been viewed as a potential technique for behavioral modifications on both the conscious and unconscious levels.
It's SAFE!

What happens during a hypnosis session?

  • A hypnotist will assist you into a hypnotic state and then guide you by responding to your subconscious verbal cues and suggestions. When you are in this hypnotized state, you will be guided toward your own subconscious thoughts and actions. You can access your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with these tools to help transform how you think of yourself. Using hypnosis leads to the participant being more receptive to information and instructions, causing them to be more self aware. 
  • Makes sure to experience this for yourself if you’re in the Cherokee County – Oklahoma area.
  • Zachary Gibson, your hypnotist, will often begin by guiding you through a trance therapy to help you become more at ease. When the necessary level of relaxation has been reached, the hypnotist will then begin to provide verbal suggestions or cues to help you direct your attention inward. These cues may utilize visualizations or affirmations to assist you access deeper levels of awareness within yourself better.
  • In order to be receptive to and responsive to the guidance of a hypnotist when undergoing hypnosis, it is necessary to be open-minded and serene while hypnotized. An individual might be confronted with intense psychological images or sensations during this time, which can be very acute and emotionally stirring. It is imperative to bear in mind proper breathing and body awareness while under hypnosis to be able to remain in this state for longer periods of time. If you live in Cherokee County – Oklahoma, you have the advantage of living in a community that provides a professional hypnotist such as Zachary Gibson who has been trained for more than 15 years. He has performed at numerous locations such as the University of Arkansas to the University of Missouri, Zachary Gibson is the top hypnotist in the area for you.
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